Saddle Up and Talk Like A Cowgirl

Angry: Madder than an old wet hen.

Back off: Pull in your horns. 

Brave: Had more guts than you could hang on a fence.

Calm: As cool as a skunk in the moonlight. 

Calm down: Hold your horses! 

Coward: Yellow Belly.

Crazy: Loco. Crazy as a loon. As crazy as popcorn on a hot skillet.

Difficult: Like tryin' to scratch yore ear with yore elbow. Like trying to find hair on a frog. As much chance as a jackrabbit at a coyote convention.

As Easy: Like a kitten hoppin' over a caterpillar. Easy as a horse-fly ridin' in a mule's ear.

Everything: The whole kit and caboodle.

Friends: Friends close 'nough to use the same toothpick.

Grumpy: Ornery as a fried toad.

Happy: As happy as a flea in a doghouse.

Hurry up: Pony up. Get a wiggle on. 

Idea: Bee in your bonnet.

Nervous: Worse than a cat in a roomful of rockers! Get yer dander up. 

Quiet: So quiet you could hear daylight coming. As quiet as a thief in a hencoop.

Quit: Throw up the sponge.

Ridiculous: Horse feathers!

Rumors: Scuttlebutt.

Shhhhhhh: Quit yer yammerin'.

Short: She wasn't ankle high to a June bug.

Slow: As slow as a snail climin' a greased log. Slower than a snail on crutches. Slower than molasses in January.

Smart: Wise as a tree full of owls.

Stinky: Strong as a sheepherder's socks.

Snoring: Snoring like a chocked bull.

Scared: Quakin' in their boots. More scared than a chicken in the rain.

Talkative: He could talk the hide off a cow.

Tip top shape: In apple pie order. 

Very important person: Biggest toad in the puddle.

*Sources: Potter, Edgar R., Cowboy Slang: Colorful Cowboy Sayings, Phoenix: Golden West Publishers 1986; Old West Legends: Old Slang, Lingo, & Phrases;