Alice's Favorites

Song:   Body and Soul by Billie Holiday

Movie:   Any western

Actor:   Clint Eastwood and Paul Roberson

Actress:   Shirley Temple and Cecily Tyson

Dinner:   baked potato, pork chops, and broccoli

Cake:   caramel

Pie:   peach

Funniest memory:  when chased up a tree by a bull

Quote:   My mama stressed being humble. "You're no better than
anyone else. The people you pass as you climb up the ladder of
success will be the same people you'll pass when you come back down."

Loved most about Mom:   her spiritual being, her relationship with God

Loved most about Dad:  his free-hearted spirit

Famous People You Met:  King George of England, President Truman, George Washington Carver, 
the Tuskegee Airmen, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, The Olympians

Grade School Activity:  recess

College Activity:  Drill Corps—we marched forever, but it was fun.

Sorority:   Alpha Kappa Alpha

Admired Most:  My mother Evelyn Coachman. She raised 8 kids during a tough time for women and for our family economically. She was tall and pretty, with long Indian braided hair. She always was able to keep the peace and keep God in our family.

Most Embarassing Moment:  At my cousin's farm, my mother had dressed me in a nice white dress and shoes. The boys dared me to ride a goat. So I jumped on the goat and grabbed his horns and he started kicking. In seconds the goat threw me into the hog pen. I was a muddy mess, and my white dress and shoes were another color other than white and smelled that way too. The good thing is I did not get a whipping, but my mother cleaned me up and put me in one of my girl cousin's dresses.